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Advan Racing RG-D Advan Racing RG-D
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 580.– TTC
This slim 6-spoke design is a fusion of the basic ADVAN Racing RG and deep rim designs. The superb spoke curves allow a deep rim design with ample caliper clearance. Overall, the form of the wheels exudes a dynamic...
Advan Racing RGIII Advan Racing RGIII
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 618.– TTC
Following the 2012 launch of the RSⅡ, the RGⅢ arrives on the scene as more refined version of the RGⅡ, highlighted by the same side-cut spokes. Based on the RGⅡ’s six-spoke design, the spokes are longer, with a...
Advan Racing RS-DF Advan Racing RS-DF
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 988.– TTC
Based on the traditional RS 10-spoke design, and creating a fusion of all RS elements such as the side cut on the RSⅡ and the deep rim on the RS-D, and produced with a forging process, the strongest RS wheel of all...
Advan Racing RSII Advan Racing RSII
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 627.– TTC
La jante Advan Racing RSII  conserve le style propre et raffiné de la RS, avec des branches usinées sur le côté pour un style plus affirmé.
Advan Racing RZ Advan Racing RZ
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 494.– TTC
A crossover design that represents a fusion of 5-spoke and 10-spoke designs. These one-piece wheels combine high-quality casting methods with flow-forming production techniques. The flow-forming results in a...
Advan Racing RZ-DF Advan Racing RZ-DF
Offre spéciale limitée
A partir de CHF 846.– TTC
ADVAN Racing RZ-DF is based on a crossover fusion of twin 5-spoke and uniform 10-spoke designs, and creates something completely new by matching that fusion with deep rims.
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