Combiné fileté Tein Street Flex - Honda Prelude (BB4, BB6) (97-00)

Les combinés filetés Tein Street Flex sont l'évolution de la gamme Tein Flex, développé dans le but de fournir l'équilibre parfait entre le confort et les performances de conduite sur route ou sur circuit.

  • Réglage en hauteur : Av. +1 à -119mm / Ar. +8 à -162mm
  • Raideur des ressorts : Av. 10 kgf/mm / Ar. 6 kgf/mm
  • Amortissement réglable sur 16 positions
  • Kit complet avec Upper Mount (Excepté certains modèles)

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Honda Prelude 2.2i VTEC (BB6)
Honda Prelude 2.2i VTIS (BB6)

Dureté ressorts arrière

6 kg/mm

Dureté ressorts avant

10 kg/mm

Platines supérieur inclus




Réglable en hauteur


Type d'amortisseur

Twin Tube



The Street Flex damper is the evolution of popular Type Flex coilover. Developed to provide the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for both street driving and circuit use, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using our new Advance Needle technology and new damper valving specs, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change and controllability.

The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Full-length adjustability offers separate spring preload and ride height adjustment. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Includes Pillowball Upper Mounts (camber adjustable for strut type applications) and is compatible with the EDFC and EDFC Active systems.

Made in Japan under strict quality control standards and developed by highly trained suspension engineers.


  • Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality
  • Steel Construction
  • Full Suspension Kit of 4 Springs & 4 Dampers
  • Twin-Tube Structure For Low Resiliency & Securing Sufficient Stroke
  • Full-Length Adjustable via Threaded Body and Spring Seat/Seat Locks
  • 16-Way Damping Adjustable (simultaneous compression and rebound)
  • New Damper Valving Specifications for Improved Street Comfort
  • Incorporated Advance Needle Design (nearly 200% improvement over predecessor)
  • Pillowball Upper Mounts for increased steering feedback
  • Camber Adjustable for Strut Type Front Suspensions
  • Larger Piston Diameter (22mm O.D.) for Strut Type
  • EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller)/EDFC Active Compatible
  • Powdercoated Brackets and ZT Coated Shellcase for Outstanding Rust Prevention
  • One Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

Contents of Damper Kit:

  • Shock Absorber x 4     
  • Bump Rubber x 4
  • Main Spring x 4   
  • Hook Spanner x 2
  • Seat Lock x 8  
  • Spring Seats x 4 
  • Dust Cover x 4  (Some kits will retain use of OEM Dust Covers )
  • Delrin Thrust Washer x 4
  • Instruction Manual x 1
  • Pillowball Upper Mount x 4
  • Stickers (not included in all JDM kits)


Damping Force Adjustment with "ADVANCE Needle"
"ADVANCE Needle", which is proven effective in STREET ADVANCE, for 16-level damping force adjustment feature (compression & rebound together) widens damping force adjustment range; 200% compared to existing products! Greater adjustment range gives you more setting capabilities and thus makes it easier than ever to find the desired setting.
To achieve the most desirable setting for everyday use on streets, we test each and every product on the actual vehicle on various roads, ranging from city streets, highways to winding roads. Also, use of larger wheels/tires is taken into consideration, to meet the market demands.

Improved Durability
Improved oil seal and ring nut with dust-discharge groove on side are used. Such new and advanced parts improve the durability, preventing the contamination by foreign matters which can lead to the reduction of product life.
Final assembly of shock absorbers is now done in the clean room, which is almost equivalent to operating room, to thoroughly eliminate the cause of oil leak. Room pressure is kept under control to shut out dust & dirt and all workers entering the room must take air shower, to make sure all the assembly work is done in completely clean air.

High-Quality yet Affordable
Fundamental structure, persistently being improved and matured over the past 15 years, is now reviewed in terms of VA & VE and 40% of its existing components are re-designed. With this, the durability against oil leaks and/or aged deterioration is well improved and the operating noise is reduced. Also, the introduction of new production processes improves the productive efficiency and hence the overall cost is well reduced. This new product is sure to satisfy wide variety of users; from novice to expert.

Tough Anti-Rust Treatment
The patented "2-layer/1-bake" treatment using anti-rust powder paint is applied on top of the blast finish to the base surface. On shell case, TEIN's self-developed one-of-a-kind "ZT Coating" is applied, for tougher protection against chipping, often caused by bounced pebbles and rust. We are confident that people living in snowfall area or near seashores would even be very satisfied.

Smooth Ride Height Adjustment
STREET FLEX has adopted the new wrought aluminum spring seats and low-friction hard-resin thrust washers. These effectively reduces the friction with springs, caused during ride height adjustment, and makes it easier to adjust the ride height with pre-load on the springs.
Shell cases are treated with "ZT Coating", a superlow-friction fluorine resin coating, which is tightly baked onto the surface in-house. This special coating provides superior protection against rust and high lubricity, for keeping a smooth adjustment for a long period.

EDFC Compatible
STREET FLEX is compatible with all EDFC series, including "EDFC ACTIVE". With EDFC, damping force can be adjusted easily from the driver's seat, allowing drivers to take full advantage of widened damping force range, made possible by ADVANCE Needle, easily and conveniently.

Wide Range of Lineups for over 150 Vehicle Models
STREET FLEX is available for wide variety of vehicle types and models; cars most popular for dressing up and/or for sport driving; from K-cars, compact cars, minivans, sedans to sport cars.

Picture for illustration purposes only - actual kit may differ from shown.

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